the  four trance enchantments CD covers

Trance Mediumship Exercises

Trance Enchantments Part One

From the Trance Enchantments Series - This is Part 1. The audio course introduces you to the states of Trance Mediumship. It is intended to assist you reach the beautiful state of attunement for 'Trance Work' and to become familiar with your own inspirers. We have inspirers for who inspire us in different aspects of our spiritual work, such as philosophy and wisdom, healing and creativity. Experiencing how we sense their presence and also how different they are is helpful for our own development, of this enchanting and highly engaging expression of mediumship. Our inspirers are known to us as spirit guides or trance controls.

  1. Introducing Trance Enchantments - 2.48 minutes

  2. The Meeting Of Your Inspirers - 61 minutes

Trance Enchantments Part One CD Cover

Trance Enchantments Part Two

From the Trance Enchantments Series - This is Part 2. Theory and exercises to assist you in your development of trance healing mediumship. Helen Davita guides you via techniques to assist you. The result will culminate in a full trance healing session.

  1. Development For Trance Healing

  2. Becoming A Clear Channel

  3. Attuning To Your Patient

  4. Attuning To Your Spirit Team

  5. Putting It All Together As Trance Healing Session

  6. Finally And Infinitely

cover CD image of Trance Healing audio course

Trance Enchantments Part Three

From the Trance Enchantments Series - This is Part 3. Helen DaVita - guides you through theory, experience and an extended exercise; inspired to assist you reach higher with your sitting for physical mediumship. Although trance is not physical mediumship, the deeper altered states are helpful for facilitating physical mediumship, if it is ready to develop and manifest.

  1. Introduction to Sitting For Physical Mediumship

  2. Intentions & Trust

  3. Mind Stillness

  4. Empowering The Physical Spirit

  5. Reflections Post Sitting

CD cover image of trance enchantments part 3 - exercises fpr physical mediumship

Trance Enchantments Part Four. Touching The Infinite MInd

From the Trance Enchantments Series - This is Part 4. With this audio course, you will develop a deep trance attunement and understanding of the soul & the connection to the infinite, divine universal mind. Helen guides you through this deep trance state. It is AMAZING!

  1. Introducing Touching The Infinite Mind

  2. Touching The Infinite Mind - an Extended Exercise

cd cover image for touching the infinite mind.- trance enchantments part 4

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